Write Once, Publish Everywhere

Discover the ease of multi-platform publishing directly from Notion.

One Publish - Notion based cross-publishing
  1. Starting to create content.

  2. Need to publish same content across platforms.

  3. Realized it will be repetitive for each new post.

  4. No single source to manage all content.

  5. Losing motivation to create content.

Let's fix it!

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Publish your contentdirectly from Notion

  • All your content managed in Notion.
  • No complex dashboards. Simple extension as your gateway to publishing.

Here's how it works

Transform your ideas into published posts in four easy steps.

Maximize Your Content's Potential

Seamlessly publish across multiple platforms and captivate a broader audience with ease.


Ensure your content reaches its maximum potential audience.

Single Source

Maintain a single source for your content and publish wisely.

Time Saver

Simplify your publishing process, focus on creating great content.

Security First.

One Publish prioritizes your privacy. We ensure a seamless, secure browsing experience, encrypting your data with top-tier security.

One Publish

See it in action

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What is One Publish?

It's a Chrome extension that publishes your Notion page to other blogging platforms.

How to connect to platforms?

Each platform requires an API key or token to establish connection. The related documentation link has been provided in all platform pages within One Publish extension.

How to organize all my posts in a single Notion page?

Please refer this video above for detailed instructions.

What are credits and how to use them?

1 credit = 1 publish (including draft saving). You can purchase credits based on your needs and never face with unexpected subscription charges. You will get 3 free credits once you create an account.

How to connect to Notion?

Create a new integration in Notion's settings to obtain an integration token. Then provide this token to the Notion connection page in One Publish app to create a connection.

How API keys are stored?

Sensitive user data, including API keys, are securely encrypted prior to storage in the database. Users have the option to delete these keys at any time through the account settings page in the One Publish extension.

How to delete all API keys or account?

These actions can be done by navigating to the "account" page within One Publish extension.

How many platforms I can publish at once?

At the moment, we support only DEV, Hashnode and Ghost CMS. However, new platform updates will be published soon.